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Hands down —  this is the most iconic image from ROCKY III. 

The original photograph is an icon in itself, as it was the featured image of the official film poster in 1982, and hung on bedroom walls around the world (including my own). It visually branded Rocky’s new identity as a champion.

The original painting on canvas is one of many renowned works by the great American artist, Leroy Neiman. It can be seen in the background of the famed training sequence for Rocky’s first fight with Clubber Lange. 

This image of Rocky III was one of the most requested for me to recreate, so when I set out on this, I knew I had to bring something fresh to the piece.

My final, reimagined painting exhibits a unique combination of styles and techniques that my work has become recognized for. I first approach, explore and incorporate an extensive palette of color in the skin tones, aiming to capture a photo-real effect. I lean towards Renaissance portraiture, attempting to first and foremost be a “master of the face." For the background, I applied a variety of hand sponging techniques, achieving pronounced textures in an array of vibrant, contrasting colors.

This piece is part of a private collection. Price upon request.

  • One-of-a-Kind Original Painting
  • Hand signed by artist John Rivoli
  • Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphite
  • 30"x40" Original Canvas Painting
  • Varnished

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