“ROCKY is an Art Film. It is a natural extension to retell it through art.”

— Artist John Rivoli

In 2012, New York artist John Rivoli was retained by MGM Studios to create a collection of original ROCKY paintings for a style guide supplement, followed by another collection in 2015 to commemorate the iconic film’s 40th Anniversary.

Sylvester Stallone and John Rivoli began to engage in discussions on how art plays a purposeful role in the ROCKY narrative.

Over the years, their ongoing conversations and growing art collaboration lead to the genesis of Icons in Art — an online gallery shop featuring limited edition Giclée prints from an exclusive collection of paintings that retell the story of ROCKY.

At his New York design agency, Rivoli Design Group Inc., John has been creating fine art gallery exhibitions for Hollywood film studios for over twenty years, featuring comic book heroes, live action legends and animated characters.

Breaking away from traditional depiction, John is known for propelling iconic characters into a new genre of ideation by reimagining them in a fine art context.

ROCKY is the debut collection of Icons in Art Giclées, consisting of digitally signed 20x30 prints in a worldwide limited edition of 500, as well as 16x20 prints in an unlimited edition. Icons in Art is the only official MGM licensee for fine art prints of the ROCKY and CREED properties.

A Giclée is the highest quality fine art reproduction that can be made from an original piece. All Icons in Art prints are made in the USA.